Wednesday, May 11, 2011

more thoughts on slutwalk

slutwalk is an essentially 'postfeminist' event, masquerading as a revolution. and men must be rejoicing in it, the same way they rejoice when women take pole dancing classes or stick a playboy bunny sticker on their car. it's raunch culture embedding itself, disguising itself as empowerment. and women are lapping it up.

initially i thought it was all a bit of fun, whatever. sure, reclaiming the word 'slut' is a whole world of screwed up, but at least women are taking to the streets to stand against sexual assault. but is that what slutwalk is about? does it have an analysis of VAW and the misogynistic context that VAW and women's experiences of VAW exist? not as far as i can tell.

why has there been such a backlash against a comment some man made in canada several months ago, when all over the world, every second of the day women are being raped, are dying needlessly from pregnancy related complications and are being murdered by their intimate partner or family members? why this comment? partly, i think it's because postfeminism is palatable and mainstream and this sort of action gets attention.

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  1. You made my day. I am so sick of people encouraging SlutWalk. The actions of feminism have been undone, pornography is everywhere. Makes me sad. But you are nice.