Sunday, March 15, 2009

hey pipsqueek

i just had a baby. pippa. she's the best. 

obviously having a baby has changed my life significantly. up until 6 months ago, i was a social worker. i got into social work through feminist activism. i don't have a university degree, but i've been doing the work for over 10 years. prior to going on parental leave, i worried that i would feel empty without it. that were i not contributing to changing the world, i would despair. but i've barely thought about it. pippa is incredible and i couldn't be happier. she's the best change to the world i could hope for. 

she's 3 and a half months old now. all giggles and poop. 


this is one of my favourites. i stopped collecting when i got pregnant, mostly because we needed to make space for another person. 

typewriter collecting is interesting in that typewriters are only of value to collectors. essentially, they are redundant machines. they serve no purpose having been replaced decades ago. 

i love them because unlike computers they hold onto their history. the stories and letters written on them through out their lives remain. the history is visible on the ribbon and the drum. 

let me fly

one of the reasons i love punk music so much is that the lyrics tend to be awesome. not just political and angry, but creative and inspirational. these lyrics are from jawbreaker. 

hoping cat

spotty ghost in love

spotty ghost

this made me laugh for a surprising amount of time. it still does, actually. and i drew it a couple of years ago. the spotty ghost features in many of my 'drawings'. in truth, it's one of three things i know how to draw.